You know, I learned something today

13 mile Birthday list!

1. Heed: Holy cottonmouth, Batman. I didn’t mind the taste too much, but what did it do to my saliva glands? Sipping in small quantities followed by water is ok, though. Dena, I won’t need the bottles. Thanks, though.

2. LOVE the block shots. Don’t know if they “do” anything, but I wasn’t hungry after two hours of running with no breakfast. Well, not during the run anyway. When I got home, let’s just say I have bits of refrigerator stuck in my teeth. But block shots: yummy dum dum. I have a thing for gelatinous candies. They were like a subtler Turkish Delight. Next long(ish) run, I’ll try the jelly beans.

3. My left foot at times twists on the ground ever so slightly. I figured out why: it wants to land a little more turned out than my right, but I haven’t been letting it. So I’ll be a little less symmetrical.

4. Downhill advice: if you don’t feel up to the whole crazy out of control thing (which is fun, and should be practiced), try saying “doop-y-doop-y-doo” as you gently and smoothly lumber down.

5. I am currently drinking a Yuengling Porter. Very tasty. Thanks for the tip, Viper. I think I need more beer in my life.

6. In case you were wondering what I’m wearing, the answer would be my Loose Dips Sink Chips shirt.

7. And shorts. It’s 76 degrados! Me gusta!

8. There was a dead rabbit on the road today. I took that as a sign, and kept the pace pretty easy. Although I did get a little fartlekish at times.

9. Iris made chili. I’m going to stop typing now.

I’ve never felt so not tired in my life

Or, “What 10% rule?”

Maybe it’s because of the lack of speedwork, but looking at my running journal I would think I’d be feeling a little wrecked right now:

My graph

But truth be told, I’m feeling pretty good. In preparing for Grandfather last year, my calves were so stiff I hobbled around the house. After, I had the usual Top Of Foot aches and ankle twinges as I threw myself into shodless miles. The ankle I twisted (in shoes, running with the dogs) in September made me limp (just a little) through December. I wonder if the long hiatus due to the MistleTOE blister was actually a much needed reset.

I tried a Shot Block today before heading out on my run with Sunny, whose interest in robins and squirrels makes for a full-body workout. LOVE the taste (margarita), don’t know if it “helped,” but I’m looking forward to trying them on a long run. Usually I just starve, or eat raisins from the little raisin box, which gets sweaty and gross. Mmm. Still haven’t tried the Heed yet; tomorrow, for some hillwork.