Everybody loves randomness.

1. More pics from the Salem Lake 30k from Shannon:

The Sutcliffe greeting

The intact bottom of my foot after three miles of hiking on rocky trail

Why barefooters get puritanical - the not-so-intact top of my foot after running 15 miles in vffs. Note the wrinkled toes from the shoe.

2. Went for a run yesterday. While mentally composing a post about comparing stride length to a bicycle gear (instead of paying attention to the road), I hear a cracking sound. A huge pine tree fell into a yard just as I was passing it. On facebook, Neil had the best comment: “Pounding the ground a little hard, are ya?”

3. Today I ran with the dogs at Mayo Park, the scene of the tick attack. Tito

My bud.

kept up with the big dogs. Just ran with them at full tilt. That was like three miles! Very proud of the little dude. I had to whoa them up for deer, turkeys, and leaping over terrain. Very fun. I was wearing the very same aqua socks I wore last time.

4. New training plan: I have to run more miles than hours I work.

5. Iris is thinking about running a half marathon every month of 2011. I think it’s a great idea.

6. Barefoot runners are taking over New York Oct 10. There will be a bunch of barefoot celebs there. Unfortunately, this celeb can’t make it. The mountain ain’t gonna come to you, people. Plus I gotta work. And I left New York because there’s a bounty on my head.

How to perform a hitch-kick

You never know when you’ll need to do a hitch-kick. When you do, you’d better know how.

Step #1:

If possible, get a running start.

Step #2:

Stay relaxed. Don’t give it away! The hitch kick needs to be a surprise if you’re going to pull it off successfully.

Step #3:

The crossover determines the height of the hitch-kick. Note the arms serve not only a utilitarian purpose, but adds artistic brio to the balletic composition.

Step #4:

The kick. Again, note the arms. And the casual tilt of the head? Sheer poetry in motion. I am clearly not your average, run-of-the-mill hitch-kicker.

Step #5:

STICK THE LANDING. Very important. I know, I know, you were expecting the more formal pointed toe instead of the flexed foot. What can I say? I was feeling cheeky.

All photos courtesy of Shannon. Or maybe ac. I don’t know who was taking the pictures.