October 220

`In front of the chicken coop with Sunny, "The Toe Breaker"

I’m a cool kid now.

I live off of Hwy 220. It’s how I get to work, races, and well, anywhere. It’s also a symbolic… uh…

Actually, at some point this month I heard/read/grokked somewhere the rather absurd advice that people should exercise an hour a day. Rough calculations made that out to be 220 brisk miles for me, should I try to take on such an endeavor. This month I ran 30:46:19. I was a little brisker than planned. Fastest month ever too.

I don’t know why I did it. Wait, yes I do. ac told me to.

Iris won’t let me run because of floods, lightning, and tornadoes

And I just sealed the deal with a big glass of eggnog. The Christmas quarter of the year is upon us!

But yeah, the weather has been dramatic. Not much sleep, what with the tornado sirens and wife getting up for weather news and loud thunder. Looks like more is headed this way. So my rather ambitious goal of 220 miles in October is in jeopardy. My record is 203. I think I can still beat that.

So what’s harder: a twenty mile run with a lot of hills, or a pancake flat marathon? I ask because Iris has booked a hotel in Charleston, SC mid January. She’s running the Charleston Half. They’re putting on their first full marathon. The fact that it’s another “inaugural” appeals to me. There are many barefooters faster than me, run farther than me, run in harsher weather than me, etc, I’ve got to come up with something to leave my mark on barefoot history. I’ll be the Barefooter Who Has Run The Most Inaugural Marathons Ever In The History Of Barefootery. Yes, you may kiss my ring.

Right. That gives me two months to train then taper. Months in the winter. I have never run through a winter. I’ve bicycled through winters, but never ran. But, I was planning on running through this one anyway. Again I say but, will it mess up my training for Blue Ridge? I’m going to want to take advantage of the flatness and see how fast I can go. That’s the reason for my question, which was, in case you have forgotten because I asked it two paragraphs ago, which is harder: a hilly twenty mile run or a pancake flat marathon?