Another Marathon

First, though, you must read this excellent recap of the GO FAR 5K written by our nine year old neighbor from up the hill. I’m sure she’d love to hear what you think.

Barefoot Neil Z. is running his first Marathon tomorrow. Not a race, just doing the distance on his own in the wilds of the northern part of the northern hemisphere. A bunch of his runbloggobuddies are joining him as we see fit.

I returned from a week-long family get-together in Flagstaff and Phoenix earlier this afternoon. One of my brothers, Ben, lives in Flagstaff. I’d say we’ve ran a marathon or two in similar arrangements:

Oh, that sound by the way is the brakes dragging.

The professional camera crew is none other than my sister Rachel. I swear the dialog wasn’t scripted.

So not my wordiest marathon recap ever, but it’s one that I’ll probably revisit the most.

Grandfather Mountain Highlanders win!

We’re like, totally friends of the band, Grandfather Mountain Highlanders, who just won the bag pipe competition at the Loch Norman Highland Games:

That’s what greets you at the finish line of the marathon, by the way. Just imagine, you’ve been running up a mountain in your new awesome Sport Kilt, then, softly at first, like a breeze through the rhododendrons (wow – spelled that right on the first try!), the strains of a sound like ropes, each note is a rope that pulls you up up up. Then cheers mix in as the unwavering harmonic chords zap life into legs that were dead oh so long ago. The music is what pride sounds like. You WILL finish strong! You WILL perservere! Onward!

But I’m not running Grandfather this year.

Congrats, McLendons!

Should I run Grandfather Mtn just to wear a kilt?

I don’t quite know how to say this. First, no, I’m not going to run Grandfather this year. I mean it. But there’s this kilt, you see. Um, well, and I kind of like it.

Iris won a contest by Angie B and among the prizes was the subject item:

Yes, I just took Iris’ prize. All the spoils of Clannad Sutcliffe go to me, as I obviously wear the… anyway, aside from a Marilyn Monroe moment or two, I see the appeal. I felt like a pre-Roman invasion inhabitant of the British Isles. Especially with that awesome hat.

So what am I going to do? How far down the runnerd hole am I willing to go? On principle, I really just can’t start wearing a kilt. I’m not sure what principle, I just can’t. It’s not a masculinity thing, as I have no insecurity with my lack thereof,

Cinema Paradiso is my favorite movie!

and frankly I think the kilt looks kind of badass. It just seems like the “in” thing to do, and I think my rebel status would take a hit if I followed the trend. But it’s very very comfortable. If I don’t wear it, aren’t I just letting the opinions of others dictate my decisions? Again my rebel status, currently in good standing thank you very much, takes a hit.

I think I could wear it if Iris lets me have a sword. Or maybe a big axe.

Seriously though? Shorts kind of suck. Crap. Why is life so hard?