Of no concern to shoe-wearers

It’s crape myrtle season! Here’s a crape myrtle:

It's actually a shrub, not a tree.

I think they’re quite nice, and they don’t have any pointy droppings or anything like that. If however there are crape myrtles in your neck of the woods and you’re giving the barefoot thing a go, be prepared for the occasional moment of alarm. I just looked at my foot and saw what I thought was a nasty blood blister on my big toe. My first thought was “How can I blame shoes for this?” Then I remembered last summer. It was a crape myrtle flower petal stuck to my toe.

A little later in the season, the flowers are more juicy and can leave stains that look like bruises. In the fall they drop their seeds, which look like they should hurt to run on but actually are not bad at all.

All in all, a small price to pay for such a lovely tree. I mean, shrub.

What is of concern for shoe-wearers, at least those running the Rotary Club of Kernersville 4th of July 5k, is that I’ve got my shorty-shorts on and have been practicing my 180 degree turns. You’ll know I’m coming for you not by the sounds of my feet, which like monks have taken a vow of silence, but rather by the desperate and a little pathetic gasps of air emitting from my whiny baby lungs. And I might be whimpering, too. Like a little lamb. So if you hear a gasping and whimpering little lamb behind you, be concerned.

“Barefoot” Josh and the Doctors

Barefoot and Minimal Running
July 19th at 7 pm
Featuring special guests:
Dr Bert Fields
Dr. John Hewitt
Kayla Robison, DPT
“Barefoot” Josh Sutcliffe

Space is limited to 50 guests
Free tickets can be picked up at Off’n Running
Beginning June 28th, 2011
Limit 2 per person
Question and answer session to follow
Light refreshments will be available

Freedom Run 10k results

Time: 38:42
Place: 7/459
AG: 2/40 (although 3rd place overall was 35, so 1st by some criteria)
Dudes: 7/251


Iris got #666. Make of that what you will.

Read Beelza-Iris’ account of herself here.

You can see at mile 5 where Molly Nunn figured it would be fun to try to make me puke.

I neglect my finish line duties:

I’m a moron: