Answering some questions

So Angie tags me for this Q&A thing and then doesn’t ask a question. Kelly probably asked the one she had.

I think from here on out, if you want to ask a non-running related question, you must ask in the Q&A post comment section.

Alright, here we go, in order.
Iris asks:
How old will I be when you finish the fence?
When I finish the fence? I thought you said you were going to do it. Something about Gloria Steinem or something.

Jamoosh asks:
Why the need for a fence?
We have a quarter acre wooded lot next to the house, and we would like to fence it in so the dogs would have more running around space. We have most of the perimeter done, we just need to figure out the gates. But it’s not just the gates; the chicken coop would need to move, possibly rebuilt, because it’s in the way of the most logical gate location. The best place for the coop once the fence is up would be in the woods. For it to fit in the woods, we would need to clear out some space, cutting down some trees. It’s too overwhelming, so I run instead.

Albert asks:
Josh, if Iris MADE you wear shoes (EVEN while running) until you finished the fence, how long would it take you to finish the fence?
Iris used to try to make me wear shoes, and you see how that ended up. But to answer your question, as long as it takes to call Chilton’s Landscaping.

Ash asks:
What does that tattoo depict, the one on your shoulder in the upper, right corner of the blog?
Here it is:

The tattoo makes us a quartet.

It’s a Calavera. I got it because I like pretty, decorative skulls more than the blank space/canvas that was on my shoulder before.

mc takes Kelly’s dare and asks:
Which of Iris’s skorts would you be most likely to wear and to what race?
The one that fits the best. But since she works at home, I never get a chance to try on her clothes. So I don’t know which skort that would be. However, if we’re going for style, the one she wore for the Martinsville Half would look great on me:

Almost as good as it looks on her.

As for what race, it’s hard to say. I can’t think of a reason to prefer one race over the other. I suppose if I’m going to advocate them as an excellent fashion choice for the ladies, I should know what I’m advocating though. Hm. I’ll give this further thought.

When I mentioned I would answer more than one question per person, Kelly let ‘er rip:

What percentage of your running (annually) is REALLY barefoot? This should be a question for all people with Barefootblank blogs and posted in the header: “I’m a 53% barefoot runner”

I haven’t been running barefoot long enough to really have an average yet, but I would say around 75% overall. In the summer, I’m barefoot unless I’m on trails or gravel (and even then, sometimes barefoot). A quick look at my log tells me I’ve run about 200 out of almost 1000 miles this year in footwear. about 150 of that was in January and February. But I’m kind of rough guestimating, since I don’t keep track. Basically, I run with shoes on trails, rocks, and in extreme temps. I just don’t want the things in any other circumstance.

What percentage of your time outside of running is spent barefoot? For those times not barefoot, what’s the reason?
I’m barefoot at home all the time, but wear shoes (either Merrells or the aquas) at work. I wear sandals when out and about in polite society (sometimes begrudgingly). Believe it or not, sometimes I don’t want everyone’s attention (only sometimes), and if putting on a little something buys me some inconspicuousness, I’ll pay that price. So outside of work, I’d say 90% of my time is spent with the feet exposed.

How many years have you and Iris been married? Who proposed to who?
Ten years. It was sort of a mutual thing. We felt committed to each other before, so the marriage was just the official paperwork. We’re not a very ceremonious couple. I don’t think I could be married to the type of person who would want a big wedding, and I don’t think Iris could be married to the type of person who would want to marry a person who would want a big wedding.

Have you ever fathered children that you know of and do you plan to (you said personal)?
No children on record, past or future. Not in the cards. I like kids and all, and would probably be a pretty good dad, but that kind of family is not for us.

Maybe you have said this before, but were you in a band and what was the name? Were you any good, like paid gigs and such?
For a while we were just some dudes getting together to play some music (Old Timey, Americana-ish) and drink beer. I would sing (harmony, usually) and play the guitar. Here’s the thing about North Carolina: everyone here is musically talented. It’s uncanny. I’m a good singer, but a poor musician. They kept getting better long after I maxed my musicality out. We started getting a paid gig or two, calling ourselves Milltown. My suggestion was Milton Friedman and the Communist Party, but in retrospect Milltown was and is probably a better name for an Americana band. They suggested I learn the harmonica because I was a crappy guitar player. They didn’t say that, of course, but I knew I was out of my league. So I eventually bowed out. I couldn’t take the late nights, anyways.

Photo by Melanie Litchfield:

What are your future career plans?

I have more of a hope than a plan. That hope is I’ll never need a lot of money.

Do you have plans to write a book some day, you know how some bloggers do this?
Maybe. I kind of assume that some day I will write one, but I’m not working at it. I might like to write a travelog a la Tim Cahill or Bill Bryson. I think if I’m going to write a story it will have to be about something happening to me, not something from my imagination. A weekly column might be more my speed. We’ll see.

Were you the middle child?
Oldest of five, two adopted from Nicaragua.

Albert adds a couple more questions:
If you thought it would make you run faster would you shave your legs?

What’s the dumbest bet you’ve ever made and lost?
I’m not much of a gambler, other than the whole “life is a gamble” bit. So no dumb bets that I can remember. I’ve done plenty of dumb things, though, and plan to keep doing so. The dumbest thing I’ve done was probably trying to clean a brownie pan with a steak knife. That scar will last forever.

Ash has another one:
When was the last time you suffered a running-related injury?
What was the injury?

If we define running-related injury as a pain that occurred while running that forced my to stop, then the ITBS last February through April would be the most recent. I rested between races, then it went away. Before that would be the MistleTOE.

Mr Loser asks:
What’s better #2 or #4?
#2 – that’s on the podium.

mc returns with:
If you were to die and come back as a dog, what breed would you be?
Probably a guy like Buddy here:

Jania asks:
What do you know about inside ankle pain? (in relation to barefoot running, of course). Ever experience that? And now that have so many miles and so much barefoot experience behind you, do you think you’re out of the woods for problems related to TMTS, or do you ever feel twinges in your legs/feet related to too far, too fast, too many hills, etc. etc?
Not much, other than it happens. Pretty much every part of my feet and ankles have been sore at some point or another. I’m feeling pretty good right now, though. Still some stiffness here and there. TMTS is always a possibility, so long as faster and farther is a possiblity. So I’m not out of the woods, but I’m very aware of the fact that I’m in the woods. My ITBS probably had a lot to do with a lack of restraint and poor running choices. There’s no such thing as too many hills, though.

Alright, if you have more questions or need, NEED a follow up, feel free to ask. I’m going to watch a Dr. Who now.

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UPDATE! Angie Beekeeper delivers her questions at the 11th hour, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt she is not a bad blogger at all. Here are her questions:

where did you grow up? I’m sure you have said and it holds space in my mind somewhere.
I was born in NY, NY. I lived there for the first two years of my life, and that’s where I discovered my love of Indian and Thai food. Then we moved to WV for another two years. All I remember about that was diving into a Cookie Monster birthday cake. Then, On Wisconsin until the ripe age of 18. I did the higher education ponzi scheme for two years in St. Louis, then moved to Chicago. Lived there for three years, then back to NY (Queens, then Brooklyn). Eight years later we moved to NC. If I’m grown up, I’m not sure in which one of these places it happened.

What super power would you want if you could have one other than the ones you possess already.
I think having a super power could only end in misery.

What is your dream race if you could run any race in the world?
The race I’m running! Seriously though, I’m racing with enjoyable people, the talent pool is a good size for me to be competitive, and the scenery is often beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to race all over the world just to take in the variety this spinning speck of dust in the universe has to offer. But my dream races are generally ones that I’m registered for. My next dream race is the Bookbag Breakaway 5k on Aug 13.

UPDATE #2: Viper asked a question that was marked as spam, but I fished it out before it was too late. Here it is:

Because there was nowhere else to hide the bodies.

My first NYC race in six years

I'll try not to get too emotional.

While the Kudus will be presenting barefoot running clinics for the NYC Barefoot Run event on September 24, I’ll be putting on a little barefoot running clinic of my own. I’m going to tear up 5th Ave so bad Mayor Giuliani himself will arrest me for vandalism. Oh, wait, he’s not mayor anymore. Well, I’m sure he still has the authority.

The first and last time I ran this race was ten years ago. September, ten years ago = the Holy Shit. It was also the first race after my first episode of ITBS. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking about ITBS at the time, what with the planes and buildings and all. Turns out I’m not a fan of the whole war and violence and carnage thing. Especially at my windowsill.

I have a feeling that my state of being in that place at that time will lend itself to my welcoming a test of testicular fortitude. No predictions other than fast as hell.

I will be missing out on those clinics that morning, though, and I hope no one will take offense when I say that probably isn’t a bad thing. It’s totally a scenario where I am likely to make a fool of myself, being the contrarian smartass you all know and love. So instead I’d have to be a polite audience member, listening to other people (fascinating people, who I’ll get a chance to meet later that afternoon, evening, and the next day) talk about running. When there’s an iconic race a couple of miles away. I would explode. Little bits and pieces of me all over everybody. Try wiping that stain off of the barefoot running community’s reputation.

So that’s all there is to say about that. Don’t forget to vote for me to be your Chocolate Milk Representative. I’m currently in fifth! Also there’s that Anything Goes Q&A thing Angie Beekeeper is making me do. So far it’s all about fences and tattoos.

Angie Beekeeper wants me to answer questions.

That would be this Angie Beekeeper.

Look, if you ever have a question, always feel free to ask. I’m perfectly willing to always provide an answer, factual or fantastical. Or fallacy-ical. Fallacual. Falsicle? Right. So here’s what I’m supposed to copy and paste:

You ask me anything. About anything. No question is too weird or strange or stupid or personal (?). Post your questions in the comment section and this coming weekend I will answer them ALL. It’s that simple! And hopefully fun.
So….. whaddaya wanna know??

You know, I swore I wouldn’t ever do one of these things.

Good luck figuring out if I’m answering the truth! Because I haven’t the foggiest.