What Do You Do When You See A Hotdog Running Down the Street?


Actually, I first heard this joke with “naked lady” instead of “hotdog,” but I don’t want to be forced to drink hemlock for committing the crime of corrupting the youth. And hotdog works better, frankly. FRANKly. Ha ha. At any rate, this is my way of introducing the theme of this post, which is ketching up.


1. After a long and arduous twenty-two days on the market, we sold our house. The closing date is expected to be on August 14. I’m going to miss lots of people, lots of dogs, lots of places. I’m also incredibly excited to be setting off on a new adventure, one that I expect to have a big influence on my running life, the details of which will be chronicled here for your bemusement.

2. Oh, hey, does anyone from the Olympic Peninsula area read this blog? Want to help us find a place to live? We have three dogs, so there’s that.

3. During the Gathering of the Barefeet in NYC last September, I met Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee. They gave me a copy of their book which I promised to review but never did. Hopefully promoting their very cool looking movie will help ease the guilt:

4. Instead of running yesterday, I leashed myself at the hip to one of our trees. Standing on a descent, I did 2000-Ups. My miles have been few, but my calfachilankle is feeling ok and I’ve been doing other exercisey things. I’m feeling good.

5. How good? I think I have another sub-18 for the Kernersville 4th of July 5k next Wednesday. This will be my last local race. It’s also the only race I’ve run every year since I got back in the game. My times were:

22:07 (2009 in walmart aquasocks)
19:45 (2010 barefoot)
18:26 (2011 barefoot)

6. The Scream Half ten days later is harder to predict. Have my minimal miles refreshed me, or depleted my endurance?

7. For endurance, I was going to find a used stationary bike to purchase due to the heat. My morning time is limited (work starts at 7am, half hour drive), and I just don’t see the benefit of running in extreme heat. I’m not saying there isn’t one, I’m just saying I don’t see it. I can’t, through the misery of the heat. Anyway, stationary bike, thinking of buying one, then PRESTO! There’s Angie Bee pedaling away on the very contraption I’d like to have. Iris did her Team Sutcliffe Mastermind Magic and ABRACADABRA! I have a FitDesk too. Stay tuned to Iris’ blog for a chance to get one of your own. It’s great. I can be productive fitnessly speaking while wasting time on the internets. My only complaint is that the seat is too cushioned. You know how I feel about cushioning.

This is what I look like RIGHT NOW

8. I left a comment on Jason’s blog that I feel like sharing:
If you’re competitive and having fun, you’ll be fit.
If you’re having fun and fit, you’ll be competitive.
If you’re fit and competitive, you’ll be having lots and lots of fun.

Tickity tonk!

Benjamin Franklin = More Shoes?

Once upon a time, Benjamin Franklin had a rival of some sort who was calling him out. Rather than fight the guy (intellectually, not fisticuffedly), Benji Boy instead asked to borrow a book. “You are well known as a learned man with an impressive library,” said Benaroo, “and I have need of one of your books to study this thing I’m studying.” Not the actual quote. The rival, now an ally, was flattered and sent Benjamina the book. He became an ally not because he was flattered; rather, the human brain cannot handle the dissonance of hating someone you were just nice to. Slicker than Willie Pep, BF won the fight without throwing a single punch.

Have running shoe companies employed The Benjamin Franklin Effect on barefoot runners? Could this be why barefoot runners don’t run barefoot all that often?

For the record, I still run barefoot most of the time, but don’t think any less of barefooters who have gotten more shoey. It does baffle me a bit, though. I would have thought that once a runner (ha!) figures it out, they wouldn’t want to go back.

Having said that, I’ll be wearing a new pair of Merrell (I was Franklinized!) Trail Gloves for The Scream. I actually bought them. Well, Iris did, but money is fungible, and so on and so forth. Any of the shoes I own would have done the trick on that dirt road with rocks spread out at just the right density level to be a real pain education, but I’m going to wear what ac is going to wear to even up the playing field. I might even shave and give myself a goofy haircut.

My Form Could Be Terrible, You Know

On this blog, I present myself as a runner with good form. However, very few people have actually seen me run, so anyone believing that is just taking me at my word. That’s no good! You should be demanding proof. On the other hand, maybe you’re just being polite, which is good. We hurt for lack of civility in this world. Oh, what a conundrum.

A conundrum easily resolved with a little initiative of my own. The wife was ever so kind to take these videos of what I look like when I run at a 5K race pace:

I think I look alright, although maybe I’m landing in front of myself a bit. Might be a result of the lack of flexibility in my ankles/calves/oh who am I kidding my whole person. I think after The Scream I’m going to take a running hiatus and focus on trying to be more stretchy bendy.

One more, this time at a 5:00/mi pace:

Anyway, opinions/advice/snarky comments are welcome as always.