Everybody loves randomness.

1. More pics from the Salem Lake 30k from Shannon:

The Sutcliffe greeting

The intact bottom of my foot after three miles of hiking on rocky trail

Why barefooters get puritanical - the not-so-intact top of my foot after running 15 miles in vffs. Note the wrinkled toes from the shoe.

2. Went for a run yesterday. While mentally composing a post about comparing stride length to a bicycle gear (instead of paying attention to the road), I hear a cracking sound. A huge pine tree fell into a yard just as I was passing it. On facebook, Neil had the best comment: “Pounding the ground a little hard, are ya?”

3. Today I ran with the dogs at Mayo Park, the scene of the tick attack. Tito

My bud.

kept up with the big dogs. Just ran with them at full tilt. That was like three miles! Very proud of the little dude. I had to whoa them up for deer, turkeys, and leaping over terrain. Very fun. I was wearing the very same aqua socks I wore last time.

4. New training plan: I have to run more miles than hours I work.

5. Iris is thinking about running a half marathon every month of 2011. I think it’s a great idea.

6. Barefoot runners are taking over New York Oct 10. There will be a bunch of barefoot celebs there. Unfortunately, this celeb can’t make it. The mountain ain’t gonna come to you, people. Plus I gotta work. And I left New York because there’s a bounty on my head.

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  1. If funds would allow, I would totally love to run a half each month! Good thinkin’ Iris and I think you should run each one in a different dress!!! (I think she is addicted 😉

    Shoes are overrated. I love having minimal shoe options and equally love taking them off when I am done with them 🙂

  2. Oh, Mr. Tito, your cuteness is too much. Woof indeed.

    I am addicted—both to running and the outfits. Looking for more billable hours to keep the fix coming.

  3. Neil: I have those socks (cheap knock-offs, actually) and love them. However, they’re too much material in the vffs; my toes feel squished. I could probably use a size larger shoe, but I like money more than footwear.

    Ewa: I wear the toe-socks in the aquas. They are great for their lack of bunch-up-edness.

    Fresca: He’s not cute, he’s a tough manly dog. Named after one of the best boxers to come out of Puerto Rico, Tito Trinidad.

    Angie: We’re probably not the best source for unbiased opinions re shoes…

    Wife: If you get to race all the time, I get to race all the time.

  4. Dear Racing Sutcliffes,

    Feeling recovered finally from Asheville, so I’m racing a 5K this Saturday. My target time is 19:45. Hmm, wonder where that number came from? However, I already have an excuse if I don’t meet it. We’re going to a Sheryl Crow concert Friday night in Nashville.


  5. Kelly: The honorable part of me wishes you the best of luck. Meanwhile, the rest of me is frantically looking for a really flat 5k in the near future.

    Tell Lance’s ex I said “hey.” And that the second cut is deeper if the cutter really puts his back into it.

  6. I like money more than footwear too. I haven’t worn my aqua socks much. They don’t feel nice without socks, and I haven’t run in socks since the dead of winter. Maybe they deserve another chance.

  7. MY GIRL [TESS THE SHEEP DOG] WAS ALWAYS RUN BARE PAW, and is proud of it, infact if I give her shoes she just eats them :]

  8. You can relax. You are still the faster barefooter. My 5K time was 20:07. The first 2 miles were flat, but on a variety of terrains including smooth asphalt, rough asphalt, gravel (about 100 ft), rubber track and swampy grass. The last mile was on the cross country course, which was grassy, bumpy and hilly. It was interesting.

    I finished 4th out of 95 runners. I shot out kinda fast and in the lead. I was looking out of the corners of my eyes wondering where the other runners were. Then about half a mile later, I was like oh, there are the other runners as a few passed me. I swear the first guy to pass me looked like Ryan Hall, tall, skinny, shoulder length blonde hair. He finished first at 18:30, so not very RH-like really.

    If I’m going to break 20 minutes, I may need to be less zen-like and start wearing a watch. Here are some pics:


  9. Kelly: Nice attempt at lulling me into complacency. My PR course was flat and on pleasant asphalt – your excellent effort was on far more difficult terrain.

    I’ve got a 5k coming up Oct 23rd. There are hills, but I think I might be feeling speedy… Last year I ran the course in 20:11.

    Great job on the race.

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