Iris won’t let me run because of floods, lightning, and tornadoes

And I just sealed the deal with a big glass of eggnog. The Christmas quarter of the year is upon us!

But yeah, the weather has been dramatic. Not much sleep, what with the tornado sirens and wife getting up for weather news and loud thunder. Looks like more is headed this way. So my rather ambitious goal of 220 miles in October is in jeopardy. My record is 203. I think I can still beat that.

So what’s harder: a twenty mile run with a lot of hills, or a pancake flat marathon? I ask because Iris has booked a hotel in Charleston, SC mid January. She’s running the Charleston Half. They’re putting on their first full marathon. The fact that it’s another “inaugural” appeals to me. There are many barefooters faster than me, run farther than me, run in harsher weather than me, etc, I’ve got to come up with something to leave my mark on barefoot history. I’ll be the Barefooter Who Has Run The Most Inaugural Marathons Ever In The History Of Barefootery. Yes, you may kiss my ring.

Right. That gives me two months to train then taper. Months in the winter. I have never run through a winter. I’ve bicycled through winters, but never ran. But, I was planning on running through this one anyway. Again I say but, will it mess up my training for Blue Ridge? I’m going to want to take advantage of the flatness and see how fast I can go. That’s the reason for my question, which was, in case you have forgotten because I asked it two paragraphs ago, which is harder: a hilly twenty mile run or a pancake flat marathon?

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  1. Since you are training through the winter I would think that the one in January should be looked at like a training run for the Blue Ridge.

    I just looked though and Blue Ridge is in April so you have loads of time in between. You need to find ones for Feb and March so you can be a Marathon Maniac. Thats my goal 🙂 I just don’t have the cashola to pay for entry fees. Its a goal for 2011 though. Has Iris looked into Half Maniacs? She should totally do that too!!!

  2. Looking at as I type. Is that the same as Half Maniacs?

    And we were just hunkered down in the bathroom while TWO tornadoes breezed by town. I’m clearly the sensible one in this house.

  3. It’s not the distance or hills, it’s how much you push yourself that makes a run hard.

    In any case, I say go for it. I wouldn’t worry about it ruining your training.

  4. Oh, and I have never heard of anyone getting hurt by lightning, floods or tornados while running. Sounds like fun. Go get that 220.

  5. It depends. If the 20 hilly miles is on a golf course, then it’s softer, unless the flat marathon is on granite, than that’s harder. Nevermind.

  6. Hills are harder if there are hillbillies chasing you.
    Pancake Flat runs are harder if there is maple syrup on the pancakes.
    I prefer runs that are a “piece of cake”, because I like cake.
    But if I could find a run that was “a pint of Ben and Jerrys” I would be completely happy.
    Hope that helps.

  7. I’m no marathoner, but I would get bored to tears by 26.2 miles of flat. I enjoy hills…especially up.

  8. I go by the theory that hilly runs are easier because you can coast down the hills. You can’t coast on flats; flats are for sprinting. Don’t get taken up in a twister. Cheers!

  9. I got thirteen in today, leaving twenty nine more in three days. Tomorrow I have a three hour break ie split shift at work, so that will be at least another twelve. Iris and I are going to the Dick And Willie Passage greenway Saturday morning, which will be another twelve. Then five for Sunday. I think I can do it, so long as I don’t push the pace too much.

    The appeal of the flat for me is to be in complete control of my effort level. I’m guessing, because I don’t think I’ve ever run on flatness before. If I just go for a comfortable pace, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a shiny new marathon PR that won’t be beat for a while.

    Plus, I’ll be in town anyway, might as well run a marathon, right?

    Oh and I might want to do Uwharrie, if for no other reason than to meet Shannon and ac’s dogs.

    I’ve gone off the deep end, haven’t I?

  10. This makes me happy. I’m thinking of running the Myrtle Beach marathon in February but wasn’t looking forward to long runs alone this winter. Maybe we can train together.

  11. Really? your going to do Uwharrie? Great!
    Barefoot would be insane.
    Even VFFs would be impressive.
    Though, we wont be bringing our dogs out there for the race.
    Not sure about the training runs either, because of what happened last time.

  12. ac: I meant Umstead. I ALWAYS get trail races starting with a “U” mixed up. And really, why couldn’t I do Umstead too? And Uhwarrie? And… uh, whatever other races that start with U. 2011 could be the year of the U race.

  13. Inquiring mind wants to know…did you sign up for the Charleston Pancake Marathon? If so, what’s your goal, sub-4, sub-3?

  14. Kelly: The problem with being a totally awesome worker and a veritable Dog King in doggie daycare (I know, rough (ruff?) life) is that my managers beg me to work more hours, which is my excuse for being bad about replying in the comments.

    I haven’t signed up yet, but am 99% sure I’m going to. My goal will be determined by how my training goes. I don’t know if the Oct 220 has set me into a pace free-fall, a fluke, or my new plateau. That said, the goal possibilities are likely to be

    1. sub four, definitely. I think barring disaster this will be very doable.
    2. 3:30 would be nice closure. That was the time I predicted I was going to run NYC and announced it at the boxing gym oh so many years ago (seven, actually).
    3. I can’t fathom anything faster than that, but if I can carry my current training speeds into the higher mileage runs, who knows? I guess qualifying for Boston is the standard answer.
    4. Finish with a slow time, but have a fantastic story to tell.

  15. You are quite good about responding to comments/questions. Some barefoot sites which will remain nameless never reply to my inquiries, so I give up, and then what’s the point of blogging.

    It sounds like you are reaping the benefits of continuous-persistent-injury-free training, not to mention the cooler weather as an extra bonus.

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