And now for something more shoey: The New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Shoe Review

Subtitled: Okay, Maybe There’s Something To This Whole Traction Thing

Et ego, Ceasar. Et ego.

First of all, if you want to see a bunch of great pictures, go visit Maple Grove Barefoot Guy and read his review. Or just look at the pictures, then come back and read mine. Well, either way, read mine at some point, if you get around to it. You see, I could take my own pictures, but they would basically look just like the ones MGBG took, and that would be awkward.

OK, that’s out of the way. Now on to the important stuff, which is what do I think of the pretty things. And they are pretty – The New Balance Minimus Zero (it’s like they took zero and made it even more minimal!) is a very handsome shoe. But I gotta say this right out: they don’t fit my foot. The shape isn’t right. Let me explain:

Here’s the link to the 12athon.

So yeah, I was a little disappointed, but the ball of my foot didn’t feel totally on the sole. Oh well, I thought. Let’s go run twelve miles on leafy technical trails anyway.

Oh, wait, what’s that? Birthday Shoes has his review in already too? Sheesh, these guys are fast.

The poor fit wasn’t that noticeable on the trails, and I enjoyed… dare I say… the grippyness.

Little circles of anti-slipping, +2 against Kobalds

I feel like I should have slipped at least once or twice, but I didn’t. Oh, I twisted my ankle repeatedly and kicked a root really really hard, but I don’t think the shoes were to blame for that. The grippyness could have been my imagination, but I think it’s time I acquiesce. The traction thing works. Whew. That was surprisingly painless.

Other aspects of the shoe: I would still like more flexybendyness. I mean, my winter shoe is a sock, so I’m really into unencumbered foot movement.

Oh, hello: some homeless guy named Jason Robillard wrote a review that had me nodding my head in a “yes, I could totally see that, if I knew anything about trail running” sort of way.

Ah, right. My review. To get to the trails requires a little time on pavement. It was odd at first, feeling so much stuff (that would be the sole of the shoe) stuck to the bottom of my feet. Instead of being all “I can’t feel the ground, wah,” I tried having fun with it and adjusted my timing to try to be smooth. It took a little focus, but was certainly doable.

So that’s that. The New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Shoe is very…

The heck you say! Apparently Barefoot Ken Bob wrote a review too! This is getting out of hand.

(No, Ken Bob did not really write a review)

ahem. Very pretty, very light (4oz ea), and seems to do the things a trail shoe is supposed to do as far as I can tell. It just doesn’t fit my foot quite right. Still, kudos to NB for making a shoe so flimsy and sturdy at the same time. Keep it up, and they will totally corner the narrow footed, pointy toed minimalist market.

8 thoughts on “And now for something more shoey: The New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Shoe Review

  1. Looks too narrow in the midfoot area for me. I assume this thing isn’t coming in widths other than D/”normal”?

  2. Ha, I literally laughed in a hushed tone so as not to wake my sleeping children. Nice review, Josh. If it makes you feel better, not that you felt badly about it in the first place, the NB version of a wide toe box doesn’t do a whole lot for the shape of my toes either. If you were a shoey kinda guy, this would be the point when I tell you to go check out such-and-such shoe. But, that would be silly. Thanks for the laugh, man!

  3. For what it’s worth, the only link I clicked was Ken Bob’s. I’m happy to say I have no interest in buying any shoes in the near future, but nice review anyway. Cheers!

  4. Good review sir!
    I love trail shoes but I have to work to get to trails to test them on. I am more interested in how they do in snow and on ice since that shit weather will be here any day now. My way of embracing winter is by testing shoes 🙂

  5. OMG! Josh doing shoe reviews,
    Have I slipped into a parallel universe?
    I’m shocked Josh, to the very core :0]

  6. Rick:
    I’ve reviewed a few shoes before. The Invisible Shoe, Branca sandals, Merrell Trail Glove… I think that’s it. Now NB. Do the Sockiplasts count?

    And there are more to come, since companies have been sending their shoes to me. Don’t know why – I don’t get a lot of traffic, and my reviews aren’t really informative. But I figure, hey, they want me to try them out and write about it, why not?

    Next up: VFF Komodos (like them just fine) and the Moc3 (REALLY nice in the cold. They make me feel like a Cherokee).

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