Barefoot on Gravel

Hey, wanna see me run around barefoot on gravel with a bunch of dogs? Sure you do!

I don’t count that as “running” running. That’s rest. One more day of that, then I try out the ol’ pins on Saturday morning at the Dog Jog. My boss has offered to donate an additional $20 to the charity Canine Companions for Independence for every runner that finishes in front of me. No pressure…

4 thoughts on “Barefoot on Gravel

  1. I love how some dogs just know to stop right at your knees. My dog Dobson does this all the time when we’re playing. I’m surprised I haven’t hyperextended anything yet. Enjoy the rest. Cheers!

    • I do get knocked about quite a bit. I figure it’s good for me in small doses. And by figure, I mean hope.

  2. Wow, that is literally the weirdest cameraphone pan/focus weirdness I think I’ve ever seen. When sweeping from side-to-side, the frame would sweep in the opposite direction, very trippy.

    • I did that “shaky camera” fix feature with youtube. I kind of like it.

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