Hit the Brixx 10K & 5K Report, Plus Plans

The plan was to not race. I wanted to run fast, with a strong and steady effort, but not get caught up in the ol catching up. Run “within myself,” as somebody says somewhere. The goal was to find where my “fast” currently lies. Turns out my steady fast is a 6:30 pace for 15K over the course of two races separated by a forty-five minute intermission.

The Hit the Brixx 10K was first. The course was what I would call nicely hilly for the distance. I finished 8th in 40:01. A sub-40 was definitely possible, but I slowed down for the camera:

Real men wear tights… on their arms.

Photo by Scott Bassett, the Event Director of On The Mark Sports.

Then the 5K. The legs felt a little heavy, but I fell right back into the 6:30 pace. That one took 20:14, putting me in 18th overall.

Needless to say, I’m pleased. I’m feeling good and am getting close to my previous fitness level. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be victorious in this Saturday’s Brawl in Benson. What’s that, you ask? Ac challenged me to a barefoot 5K in a town named, well, Benson, of course. Apparently there’s prizes for the first three barefoot finishers. I can’t resist a prize, even if it means coming in second to BFAC.

For a moment I thought that by “barefoot” they meant “Barefoot,” as in “Mr. Barefoot” or the “Barefoot Family” or “Dr. Barefoot.” That is, “Barefoot” as in a name. Wouldn’t it be funny if a kerfuffle broke out between the top three Barefoot runners and the top three runners without shoes. I kind of hope that happens.

The last tidbit I’d like to leave you with is this: I’ve just started a Hal Hidgon plan for the Umstead Marathon. The only goal is to BEAT ANTHONY CORREVEAU. In size 5 shoes.

5 thoughts on “Hit the Brixx 10K & 5K Report, Plus Plans

  1. Thank you.
    I was thinking of signing up for the Uwharrie 40 again, but now I am not.
    I will focus entirely on Umstead instead.
    I consider Umstead to be a trail race, and you will NEVER beat me in a trail race. EVER. Especially not with Hal Hidgon.

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