Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Ladies, Asics is thinking of you. Here’s a shoe that’s in tune with your cycle. Not your motorcycle, not your bicycle. Your menstrual cycle.

So. Many. Jokes.

Let me get this straight. Certain people get all bent out of shape with concern for hapless runners who drink the barefoot kool-aid (ew). But the Shoe of Menses gets a pass? At $190?

No comment. Wouldn’t be fair. Something about “shooting fish in a barrel.”

Oh, wait. One comment. That would be ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


hat tip Christopher McDougall

13 thoughts on “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  1. Jamoosh, I don’t think any pair of shoes I wore would make my booty look like that, only photoshop and a tan.

    I am insulted as a woman by the stupid menstrual shoes. What do shoes and my period have anything to do with each other besides I run barefoot and don’t need no stinkin’ gimicky shoes. so there.

  2. Oh fer chrissake! Unless these shoes are made out of Chips Ahoy cookies and Dove Bars, they aren’t going to help any woman during “that time.”

  3. this is craziness…wow.
    Hey Josh! just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I just started barefoot running about 4 months ago, recently discovered this whole blogging community when I started blogging myself. Went to a barefoot runners meetup in Cambridge, MA last night and met some fellow barefooters. looking forward to reading more!

  4. Hey Mary. You’ve got some good barefoot company up in MA. Just wait till it gets warm – running barefoot gets even better.

  5. Okay, I thought it might be a gag. So I went to Asics site and explored the shoes. Well, they don’t actually come out and say it but:
    “Gender Specific Space Trusstic System®
    Recognizes the normal periodic changes in the shape of the woman’s arch and provides for the controlled deformation of the arch into the space within the system.”

    LOL, “periodic changes”? Can you imagine the Shoe-Nazis coming up with that one? But I decry sexism! Where is MY shoe? Is there not a shoe for running in my man-cave (if I had one)?

    I also love that you can enter “Barefoot Running Shoe” and get multiple shoe hits in Google. I will accpt a need for VFF or something similar but do we have to call the bf shoes?

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