Lydiard Program For Blue Ridge?

So I’ve got 25 weeks to get ready for the Blue Ridge Parkway Marathon. I think I’m going to prepare the Lydiard way, unless someone convinces me otherwise. I’ve got time to gradually build the miles, but do I have the chutzpa to do three long runs a week in the winter? I’d like to think so. We’ll see.

I know the Furman method is very popular, but I don’t think it’s enough running for me. If my wife wants to go for a trot after I’ve got back from a tempo run, she’d have to go alone with the Furman plan. Lydiard actually encourages running easy all the time, so long as it’s enjoyable.

I’ve been gradually building back up to 30 mi/wk this month and am feeling pretty fresh. My races from here on out might not be as fast, but only if I’m smart. That’s always a risky bet. If I build the mileage gradually, I should be able to put quite a few under my feet.

Of course, the feet are really in charge. If my feet prefer Furman, Furman it will be.

One thought on “Lydiard Program For Blue Ridge?

  1. The Lydiard plan sounds intriguing. Let us know how it goes. The FIRST plan doesn't work for me. As you say, not enough running. Cheers!

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