The Barefoot Running Book review

I think Jason Robillard has written the ideal So You Want To Run Barefoot book, aptly titled, The Barefoot Running Book. It’s clear, concise, and organized. Three concepts I am totally unfamiliar with.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think it was possible. It’s not that running barefoot is all that complicated, but rather the roads barefoot runners have taken to achieve their current aptitude of the ninja foot winds and bends as if it were paved by a drunk ox. And the analogies. Oh, the analogies. There are so many of them, and what one barefooter discards as flim-flammery woo-woo of the first order is held as the key to enlightenment by another. But if you look, there is an overall theme, a story line if you will, and Jason has found it. He keeps it simple.

As with all things, there’s a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level to running barefoot. Like video games. So Jason does the logical thing and divides the book into those three focuses. What’s really smart are the sub-groups: Activities (things to do), Concepts (things to think about), and Issues (things to avoid, overcome, and learn from). It is by staying within these parameters Jason is able to get to the root of the matter, giving a new barefoot runner a sturdy foundation to build on. Dare I say it’s a step-by-step guide to running barefoot? I do!

I feel it’s always important to find something to criticize. It gives people the impression you’re honest and forthright. While I may or may not be honest and forthright, that’s certainly the image I try to portray. So here it is: Jason fails to mention Yojimbo, an excellent movie containing some of the best footage of the smooth running (to at times an exaggerated degree) form you’ll ever find. And The Barefoot Running Book is available on the overpriced Kindle but not on the more sensible Sony e-reader. That’s all I got for complaints.

So go out and get yourself a copy, whether you want to learn how to run barefoot or you’re a podiatrist actually conducting a bit of actual research for once. Heh heh, had to get one little dig in. Otherwise the post wouldn’t be complete.

Jason sent me a copy of his book for me to review. I think. He might have sent it to me because he figures I could use it. Probably both. Anyway, the only thing I got out of this deal is the pleasure of reading it. This is my verbose way of saying my opinions in this review are genuine and not paid for. See? This is why I can’t write a book. I just go on and on, my brain flapping in whatever direction the wind blows. Speaking of blows, that reminds me of that vacuum scene in Space Balls. Which reminds me I gotta vacuum. OK, ending post… now.

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    • Yes. And you need to buy Charlies Soap. And art classes. And my art. In fact, just send me a blank check, and I’ll make sure you get everything you need. Plus the cost of shipping, handling, etc.

  1. Thanks Josh, I have found your running tip on imagining being pulled along by a rope round your hips most useful, yes we can all keep learning from each other, CHEERS RICK

  2. Your review is clear, concise, and organized. You even balanced your review by mentioning podiatrists.

    Seriously, you’ve peaked my interest in the book.

  3. Rick: I knew that time spent at the rodeo would be useful..

    kelly: When I finished reading it, I was like, “yup, that’s pretty much what it’s all about.”

    ac: See me after the laser show. I’ll be in the van.

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